Trump in China: Sells US$2 billion worth pork

On Thursday, Donald Trump began his landmark visit to China. He is there to boost trade with China.

At the conclusion of his meeting with Chinese president Xi Jinping, Trump told reporters that both leaders have signed a US$250 billion trade deal which also include China’s importing US$2 billion worth pork. China happens to be world’s larges pork consumer and importer.

Trump also blamed Barack Obama administration for the slack in the US-China trade.

“I don’t blame China. Who can blame a country that is able to take advantage of another country for the benefits of its citizen,” said Trump.

Trump was telling the truth – as Washington with the exception of Israel, had been doing the same thing around the world.

However, the Jewish press didn’t bless his acknowledgment of the historic fact. Fred Kaplan, American Jew writer and author blasted Trump at the (November 9), saying: “President Xi Jinping must be thanking his lucky stars that, at the moment of his rise to total power in China, a man as weak and clueless as Donald Trump is president of the United States.”

The National Interest (November 9) whined that Trump’s push to boost trade with China is bad for US interests (read Israel’s interest) without demanding China to be tough on North Korea with which it’s trade is worth US$7.6 billion.

On political and military front – United States is pushing a new cold war with China by arming India against China’s regional nuclear ally Pakistan.

Moronic Trump who in August 2017 had accused Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism in the region – had offered his services to India to mediate with Pakistan on the disputed state of Kashmir. The offer was rejected by Narenera Modi in April 2017.

In 1972 Washington was full of praised for Pakistan for arranging Henry Kissinger’s visit to China which paid the way for then president Richard Nixon to become the first US president to visit communist china. On August 29, 2013 JTA reported that “Nixon considered Jewish elites being disloyal to United States.”

Watch Nixon in China opera below.



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