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Czech Jews against Mel Gibson

The organized Jewry believes in “vengeance” and no forgiveness. Hollywood Catholic actor-director Mel Gibson is the living example of Jewish Lobby’s vengeance. On July 4, 2014, Mel Gibson arrived in the Czech Republic to receive the Crystal Globe for outstanding … Continue reading

Hollywood Jews defend ‘anti-Semite’ Mel Gibson

Anti-Semitism is a lose cannon in the hands of the Israel Lobby. It unload the cannon on everyone who challenges Zionism or Israel. Its victims can be found among government leaders, politicians, military officials, academic, writers, authors, bloggers, sports, religious leaders, … Continue reading

Mel Gibson: ‘Beware of Jewish vengeance’

Famous Hollywood actor-director Mel Gibson is in Jewish boxing arena once again. However, this time Mel is being punched for Jewish Warner Bros. which has shelved Gibson’s movie about Jewish hero, Judah Maccabee under pressure from various angry Jewish groups. After Warner … Continue reading