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Ouch! Hizbullah meets Hamas

While Netanyahu was still not finished with Mahmoud Abbas over embracing Hamas last month to form a PA unity government – Hamas started courting Israel’s most feared enemy – Hizbullah.

On November 1, 2017, Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported that Hamas’s new deputy leader Salah al-Aruri recently met with Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Islamic resistance Hizbullah in Lebanon.

It seems Salah al-Aruri wanted to get Nasrallah’s opinion on Hamas latest alliance with pro-US Fatah group ruling Israel-occupied West Bank and use his influence to make Syrian president Bashar al-Assad forgive Khalid Meshaal’s mistakes in the past.

Islamist Hamas and secularist Fatah resistance groups are 180-degree apart when it comes to the liberation of Zionist occupied Palestine. Hamas believes in armed resistance against Zionist entity while Fatah fools believe that Gandhi non-violence protests will convince the alien Jews to leave Palestine and go back to their European ancestral homes.

On November 2, a paranoid Israeli journalist, Charles Bybelezer claimed at The Media Line that Hamas, Hizbullah are seeking to strengthen ties against Israel.

Hamas former political guru Khaled Meshaal whom Israeli Mossad tried to kill in 1997 , abandoned his office in Damascus in February 2012 as result of the golden carrot he was offered by the Emir of Qatar. However, Hamas rulers in Gaza Strip never abandoned their relations with Hassan Nasrallah and Ayatullah Ali Khamenei.

In July 2017, the Judas goat in the White House spilled his ignorance of what’s going-on in the Middle East by telling his guest, anti-Hizbullah Lebanese prime minister Sa’ad Hariri: “Lebanon is on the front lines in the fight against ISIS, al-Qaeda and Hizbullah.” In reality, Hizbullah is part of Sa’ad Hariri’s government and Lebanese parliament. In addition, the only Christian president in the Middle East, Michel Naim Aoun of Lebanon has nothing but praise for Hizbullah.

Hizbullah are not using their weapons in internal politics. The only ensure our resistance against the state of Israel, which continue to occupy part of our territory and which refuses to apply UN resolutions regarding Palestinians’ right to return,” Aoun stated in an interview published French newspaper Le Figaro in September 2017. He also stated that Hizbullah will maintain its arms until Israel vacate all lands occupied since 1967 and stop bullying its neighbors.

Last month, Nicholas J. Rasmussen (Jew), US state department director counter-terrorism, ranted that US intelligence community (trained by Israeli Mossad) is “monitoring Hizbullah efforts to plot terror activities against United States.”

A good response to Rasmussen’s rant came from Sharmine Narwani, former senior associate at St. Antony’s College, Oxford University, and a political commentator on Middle East affairs. On November 3, 2017, in an article, entitled, Hizbullah is Not a Threat to America, she wrote: “Western-backed militants are in retreat, Bashar al-Assad remains president, Hizbullah has stretched its wings regionally, Israeli power is in decline, and Iran is on the rise. Not a pretty result for Washington’s multi-billion dollar investment in the Syrian conflict, especially if it was intended to change the map of the region to favor US interests.”

After debunking Israeli and Jewish Lobby’s lies against Hizbullah, Narwani said: “The Lebanese resistance was formed in reaction to Israel’s illegal invasion and occupation of Lebanon. As Kerry says, that’s where Hizbullah’s real fight is – with Israel. Washington should leave it to the two to duke it out. This is not America’s fight. Hizbullah has saved Lebanon – and much of the Levant – not once, but twice, from bloody aggressions. In fact, maybe I’ll take them out to lunch in Beirut and pay the bill. I daresay that could be regarded as a financial contribution to Hizbullah, and that would make me a terrorist, too.”

Narwani’s personal blog can be read here.

To save Israel, US must curtail Iran, sanction Hizbullah

On October 24, 2017, Washington-based Israel’s online propaganda newspaper The Hill, published an Op-Ed penned by German Gen. Claus Naumann (Jew), former head of German army and Gen. Sir Francis Richard Dannatt (Crypto-Jew), former head of British army. The Op-Ed was entitled, “A third Lebanon war looms: To stop it, US must curtail Iran, sanction Hizbullah.”

“Neither Iran nor Hizbullah have any remotely credible reason for their enmity of Israel today – yet they are engaged in an implacable campaign of deadly hatred animated by their version of radical Islam. Hizbullah additionally has to explain to the Lebanese population it claims to represent why it has been killing Muslims in Syria at a furious pace. The best way to close this credibility gap is to attack Israel. Both Hizbullah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah’s rhetoric, and his terrorist operatives’ actions on the border with Israel confirm this,” wrote the morons.

The general knowledge of the two military idiots makes me laugh. The “new looming war on Lebanon” will be fourth and not “third”. In the past Israel had invaded Lebanon in 1975, 1982, and 2006. However, this time it will be Israel’s third defeat at the hands of Hizbullah which defeated Jewish army in 2000 and 2006 in the past.

Hizbullah never claimed to represent Lebanese population which consists of Sunnis, Shi’ites, Christians, Druze and Jews. However, a great majority of Lebanese population and country’s Christian presidents has acknowledged Hizbullah as the “Defender of Lebanon against Israel“. Even former Israeli prime minister Gen. Ehud Barak called Hizbullah, “Lebanon’s real army“.

Based on a study from Tel-Hai University located in north of Israel, more than 80% of Israelis trust Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and the others trust their own leaders.

Hizbullah enmity toward the Zionist entity is based on Lebanon being at war with Israel since 1975. Furthermore, Israel is still occupying Lebanon’s Sheba’a Farms.

Israeli leaders have been campaigning for a regime change in Tehran since Israel’s embassy was closed in 1979. Both Imam Khomeini and the current Spiritual Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei consider Israel being a Western colonial plot, which needs to be removed from the Muslim Heartland.

I dare to ask, why Israel which has a stockpile of 400 nuclear bombs, hesitate to attack non-nuclear Iran instead of begging the US to wash its dirty laundry?

I’m at loss to understand how American sanctions could harm Hizbullah, which doesn’t receive financial aid from foreign government; doesn’t have bank accounts in the US or Switzerland or real-state investment in the US, UK or Monte Carlo. Hizbullah’s armed wing is not a conventional army – thus it doesn’t need to buy F16s, tanks, submarines or helicopters from the West, Russia or China. Hizbullah fighters use home-made rockets, guns and Shi’ite concept of martyrdom to defeat Israeli army and the pro-Israel Christian, Kurd Jews and Wahhabi militants in the region.

The Hill was founded by US millionaire Jerry Finkelstein (died 2012) in 1994. It’s run by his son Andrew now.

Netanyahu wants Hamas to disarm, cut ties with Iran

On Tuesday, the West Bank ruling Fatah prime minister Rami al-Hamdallah chaired Fatah and Hamas cabinet meeting in Gaza Strip for the first time since 2014 in a move toward establishing a Palestinian Authority unity government between the Islamist and pro-US secularist factions.

Hamdallah told ministers that the meeting was a major step in a reconciliation process promoted by neighboring Egypt and other US-allied Arab countries.

Today, we stand before an important historical moment as we begin to get over our wounds, put our differences aside and place the higher national interest above all else,” Hamdallah said.

Hamas political bureau chief and former prime minister of Gaza Ismail Haniyeh said: “There might be some difficulties on the road, but we will conclude reconciliation, regardless of the cost.”

It’s wishful thinking, I must say. It’s Western move to demilitarize Islamic resistance groups allied to Iran, Qatar and Hizbullah and make its poodle Mahmoud Abbas as ruler of both West Bank and Gaza. Abbas refuses to abandon chairmanship of Palestinian Authority which expired in January 2009.

The Islamist resistance groups Hamas and its ally Islamic Jihad took over control of Gaza from Palestinian Authority in 2007 after Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas carried an armed coup against Hamas with the help of the US and Israel.

Fatah receives cash from the US, EU and Israel to run its ghetto entity. Hamas receives cash from Imam Khomeini Foundation and Qatar.

Zionist entity’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu call the Fatah-Hamas cabinet meeting bogus reconciliations. He also warned the Palestinian Authority administration that Israel will never negotiate with it until it recognize Israel as a Jewish state, disband the Hamas military arm and sever its alliance with Iran (watch video below).

Hamas has never pulled out of the Palestinian Authority but its armed wing and Islamic Jihad doesn’t recognize Mahmoud Abbas authority.

Last month, during his speech at the UNGA meeting, Netanyahu threatened Islamic Republic by invoking Talmud’s story of Queen Esther of Persia, by saying:”Whosoever tried to destroy Jews – Jews destroyed him.”

Interestingly, Israel’s surrogate mother United States has not recognized the entity as Jewish state since its birth on May 14, 1948 (see the document signed by US president Harry Truman above).