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Rutgers professor: ‘Judaism is the most racist religion’

Israeli historian and author Dr. Israel Shahak in his book, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, claims that Jewish religious Scriptures are the most hateful literature in the world.

In 2013, two Jewish authors, Max Blumenthal and David Sheen produced a documentary (watch below) showing Jewish racism against African communities in Israel.

In 2010, Canadian Jewish Lobby demanded that University of Toronto cancel Master’s degree it awarded to a Jewish female student Jennifer Peto – for her thesis which claimed that Jews practice racism against non-Jewish people.

On Monday, Dr. Michael L. Chikindas (Rutgers University, NJ) made a number of political incorrect statements on his Facebook page. As result, several Jewish lobby groups are demanding Rutgers president Robert Lawrence Barchi to take disciplinary action against Chikindas over his antisemitic Facebook postings which were removed on Wednesday.

On October 25, the Jewish-sufferings expert John-Paul Pagano at Israeli propaganda crap, the Tablet magazine, compared Chikindas with former Oberlin College African female professor Joy Karega who was fired last year over claiming that Israel was behind 9/11 and ISIS.

“Like Karega, Michael Chikindas, a professor in Rutgers’ Department of Food Science, is fond of using Facebook as a canvas for his hateful screeds and conspiracy theories. Looking at his oeuvre-ravings about hoodwinked “goyim” and the Rothschilds, accompanied by several versions of the Internet’s most popular caricature of the hook-nosed Jew – you would hardly be surprised to learn that he was educated in Soviet schools, which upheld an anti-Zionism that drew on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” said Pagano.

Dr. Chikindas’ antisemitic crime charges include; Jews and not Turks were behind Armenian genocide, Ashkenazic Jews are not Semite but Khazarian Turks, obsession with the Zionist entity, anti-Muslim false flag are work of Israel and Zionist groups, Nazis didn’t kill six million Jews, etc.

Jewish Lobby: US lost Kurdistan to Iran!

Libya was destroyed because Qaddafi became a threat to Israel – said Bernard-Henri Levy, in November, 2011.

French Jewish journalist and political activist, Bernard-Henri Levy, is famous for pushing Israel’s interests around the world. He campaigned for American, French and NATO boots in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon, and East Pakistan (Bangladesh).

On Monday, Iraqi government forces and allied fighters entered the disputed oil-rich city of Kirkuk. Kurdish Peshmerga forces withdrew without a fight.

On October 17, Bernard-Henri Levy posted his Talmudic lies about Iraq on Tablet, a Jewish weekly Israeli propaganda website. He blamed Iran for the failure of Kurd referendum which was called illegal by both Iraqi prime minister and country’s Supreme Court.

Not long ago, it was Saddam Hussein operating with gas and deportations. And then on Monday Saddam’s Shiite successors, answering to Tehran, sent tanks, artillery, and Katyusha rockets into the oil fields that are the lifeblood of Kurdistan. Today they are doing the same in the Sinjar mountains, in the southern city of Jalawla, and in the Bashiqa area on the Plain of Nineveh, which the Kurds only just reclaimed from ISIS,” whined Levy.

The French liar seems to have a very short memory. Saddam Hussein was an American ally during his 8-year war on Iran. He received chemical weapons from the US, Israel and other Western countries meant to be used on Iranian civilians.

Iraq under US occupation (2003-2011) was ruled by US appointees; US Viceroy Lewis Paul Bremer (Jew), prime ministers Ilyad Allawi, Nouri al-Maliki and Haider al-Abadi – all Iraqi Shi’ites. There are still over 7,000 American soldiers and military advisers in Iraq. CIA is operating a big operation in Iraq to keep an eye on Syrian, Iranian and Lebanese Hizbullah fighters’ activities in order to protect its regional proxies, Israel and ISIS (watch video below).

Israel is the only entity which supported an independent Kurd state on Iraqi soil and for good reason. Iraq, Turkey and Iran consider it an Israeli conspiracy to establish a second Israel in the region.

There is no country called Kurdistan as yet. What Levi refers to is called, Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) within Iraq. Its so-called “president”, Masoud Barzani, has Jewish family roots just like Gen. Eisenhower, Nicolas Sarkozy, Putin, and Saudi ‘royals’ to name a few.

In the face of this unprecedented act of punishment, the international community should have immediately sounded a solemn warning to Iraq (and to its Iranian masters and their ally of convenience, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan): Cease the aggression. Pull back the militias and the regular forces supporting them to the lines that existed on Oct. 15,” added Levy.

The French idiot is repeating Netanyahu’s appeal to Russian president Putin during a telephone call last week. Netanyahu’s godfather Donald Trump has refused to back-up Kurd referendum. He said that he would recognize a Kurdistan state only if Baghdad agree with it.

The Beltway Bandits are alleging that Iran was behind Baghdad’s retaking of the province of Kirkuk from the KRG. Iran played a role, but the allegation is just silly. Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar al-Abadi couldn’t have survived politically if he had not taken Kirkuk back, and it was the Baghdad government’s idea. Iraqi army infantry and armored divisions were deployed. The Shiite militiamen who fought alongside government troops had Iranian training and advice, but they were adjuncts, not the main force,” wrote professor Juan Cole with Jewish family roots and Consultant to the CIA on October 17, 2017.

Former US foreign service official and author, Peter Van Buren says the Jewish Lobby have been telling us Iran wins Iraq for the last six years.

Why US billionaires don’t destroy Israel Lobby?

On October 14, 2017, former CIA officer Robert David Steele penned an article, entitled, From Las Vegas to Iran, Zionist appear to rule USA – Can we purge them?.

Steele claims that America’s freedom of speech and foreign policy is controlled by “Israel-Firsters”; it’s a crime to criticize Israel, Jewish power and Holocaust. He also claims that America’s so-called “enemies” such as Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, China and Russia, are creations of Israel lobbyists to destroy Israel’s perceived enemies.

The contents of the article are no news to me as there are dozens of people who have claimed that America’ Jewish Lobby controls US Senate, Congress, CIA, FBI, Judiciary, mainstream media, etc. In fact, United States has long been reduced to an Israeli colony since 1960s (here, here, here, here, here).

Yesterday, I came across an article which claims that it’s possible for Americans to recover their freedom from Israel with help from some of its non-Jewish billionaires. The article , entitled, “Why the US Billionaires Could Destroy the Israel Lobby, But Don’t,” was posted on October 15, 2017 by American author John Spritzler.

The US billionaires (even just one or two) could, if they wished, totally destroy the power of the Israel Lobby in a few months. All they would have to do is form an independent media network and use it to tell the United States public the sordid truth about Israelis ruling class. The truth is not only that the Israeli ruling class of billionaires, generals and politicians carries out violent, racist and morally completely unjustifiable ethnic cleansing against non-Jews (the Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, etc.), but also – something that would surprise most Americans even more – that this Jewish Israeli ruling class has a shameful history of betraying ordinary Jews and demonstrating nothing but contempt for them,” Spritzler said.

If a billionaire told the American public the truth about the Israeli ruling class’s contempt for, and betrayal of, ordinary Jews and ethnic-cleansing of non-Jewish Arabs, the result would be a sea change in how Americans viewed the Israeli government. The Israel Lobby would have as much influence on who got elected to Congress as the Church of Satan! The pro-Israel US foreign policy would be viewed by the American public the same way it came to view the pro-South African Apartheid foreign policy – disgusting! The Israel Lobby would be dead in the water in about three months,” Sprintzler added.

Then Sprintzler explains why America’s non-Jewish billionaires (52% of country’s total billionaires) are afraid to do that – because none of them want to suffer like NFL’s Shahid Khan.

John Spritzler has compiled some documents (here) to expose Zionist Jewish collaboration with the so-called “antisemites” – Nazis and others.