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  1. Nice work here, lots of opinionated and informative articles.
    Definitely makes me think about the biased news media and the truth that’s hard to find.
    Gotta love the internet..
    Keep up the good work!

  2. interesting blog, mashallah

  3. would like to get in touch with you, please send me an email at my blog

  4. Hey Rehmat,

    great blog! I am conducting a research project on blogging in the Middle East, and I was wondering if you could help me.

    Please let me know!

  5. Nice effort Rehmat. Would be more nice if some references are mentioned in the article while quoting historic sources e.g. the Israel-Balochistan article.

    I’d like you to visit my website http://web.me.com/neomartian where I post articles about current affairs, politics, world conflicts and festivals. Recently, I’ve posted a blog about the latest situation in Gaza Strip. Please have a look and let me know what you think about it.

    Keep on writing and bringing out your best.

  6. Hi neomartian – if you had read my posts without neocon glasses – you would have found all the necessary references.

    As far as Israel-Balochistan connection is concerned – I dealt it ealier (link below), which exposed the so-called “Shia Chat” as a Zionist front.


    Wish all the luck to your blog.


  7. Hello Rehmat, I am happy to find your blog. R u on fb?

  8. Thank-You so much for spreading awareness about islam… You are truley a hero!

  9. I like this blog, and I hope you continue on with the good work.

  10. Hey Rehmat have you watched these:

    Dr. Duke makes videos about Blacks and Jews. I think you will find his videos about the Jews very interesting.

  11. interesting blog. Very outspoken.

    I hope you are critical of Israel as a state and not like some Muslims have fallen into the trap of hating Jews.

    There are Jews who are against Israel as well!

  12. umersultan……. Salaam

    Zionists and the followers of Moses’ Law (Torah Israelite) are totally different people. The great majority of world Jewry (a recent invention according to professor Shlomo Sand), unforfunately, don’t follow the Moses’ Law but Talmud which is full of hatred toward prophet Jesus, his mother Mary and the non-Jews.

    Like many Jewish intellectuals, I don’t believe that alien Jews have the right to occupy an Arab land and expel its native Muslim and Christian inhabitants. These Jews left their western ancestral homelands to escape centuries-old Christian persecution. Instead of fighting against injustices done to them in the West – they convinced the western colonial powers that they will act as the first defence line against Islamic revival. That’s reason these Zionazis are fed from top to bottom by the Muslim-hating governments lead by the US.

    YES – I know there is a minority of Jewish population which don’t agree with Israeli policies. Some of these people have copied or quoted my articles.

  13. umersultan – to the best of my knowledge – Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg , a Zionist Jew from Brooklyn. Facebook, like Wikipedia and Memri is an Israeli propaganda tool. Mark met Israeli President Shimon Peres at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Peres told Mark that Facebook is an ideal tool to silence criticism of Israel, and to spread holocaust myth.

    When I posted this information at the so-called Muslim ‘Ummah forum”, which is also a Jewish front – I was banned.


    However, you’re more than welcome to repost my articles on Facebook if you like.

  14. With the grace of Almighty – this blog is back. Almost one month ago – it was hacked and defaced by some Israeli Zionist bastard.

    I do apologize to my readers and appreciate their continue visiting this blog.

    With best wishes to all the truthseekers.

  15. Happy to see that you are back !!

  16. Hello Rehmat. I have been studying your blog for several days and has made it my internet start page. You have a lot of valuable information.

    But I need your help. I get tired of reading the screen and want to print out your articles. But the pages are just too many. (272 last time I checked). Is there any other easier way for you to give me your blog articles? So I can push the print out button only once or at least fewer than 272 times.

    Regards from Chochak

  17. Many many congratulations for second year of completion brother Rehmat. You are one but you represent the voice of millions out there.

  18. I like to read your articles ! Wonderful!

  19. Assalamou aleikoum ,
    Just to let you know the existence of the ANTI ZIONIST PARTY in France , created in february 2009 after the attack of gaza strip.
    Have a nice day , under the almighty ‘s mercy during this holy month of Ramadhan.
    God bless you.

  20. very good researched. in-depth, full reference to truth, no propaganda – straight to point.

    Few recommendation of some useful book that one can would be good.

    great work to humanity

    world to going crazy.

    we need a system which is fair and just.

    none of that robbing poor, and forcing materialism on to people.

  21. Rehmat, I have an idea that you will probably be interested in. Please get back to me.

    Roger Tucker
    One Democratic State

  22. paxeuropaforever

    The timeline is simple:

    18th/19th centuries: The Jew uses the bourgeoisie to depose the clergy and the aristocracy.

    19th/20th centuries: The Jew uses the proletariat to depose the bourgeoisie.

    20th/21st centuries: The Jew uses non-Whites to depose the proletariat.

    Who’s to blame: Jews for being so cunning and treacherous, or Whites for being so naive and gullible?

    Jews have owned Europe since the 1688 Glorious Revolution, and they fomented the 1789 French Revolution, US Civil War, WWI, WWII, 9/11, War on Terror, etc.. In fact, every major war from 1688 onwards was financed by Jewish bankers.

    A Short History of Jewish domination from 1600-Present

  23. Assalamu alaikum Rehmat!
    Wow! I am not alone after all!
    I am NOT a Blogger, though I wish to be one later like u are Bro!
    I just bumped on to ur Blog, Very nice, and yes! Informative.

    Kindly take a peek at my humble Page at http://www.scribd.com, or simply Google (BEST result) my name or my pen-name joe jussac, jr. or tjoaginsing. And enjoy the many of my posts elsewhere…..

    Subhanallah! May Allah SWT Bless u and ur family. Salaam to all ur readers here. They are invited as well to visit my PAGE..

    Salaam – YusufbinJussac (the Equalizer)

  24. Forgot the Link for ur and ur readers’ convenience

    Hit Reload for newest posts of mine.


  25. I knew a Rehmat from the horsemans old forum back in ’05-06. We fought Rachel/Kreplach Zog agents, are the same Rehmat?

  26. *correction I meant to ask *are you* the same Rehmat from my old fav board.


    • Yes dear – I’m the same Rehmat but Horseman turned out to be a pro-Zionist apologist on Pravda and Jewish/Zionist site UMMAH.

      • as salaamu alaikum
        im a member at ummah forums & i can tell you that its not Zionist/Jewish controlled or in favour of them
        Alhamdulillah, there are many serious & sincere brothers & sisters there who also happen to be quite knowledgeable in deeni(religious) matters & about whats going on in the world & we dont let anyone get away by posting lies or nonsense.
        we also have quite a few non muslim members but those who are there to try to cause any mischief, soon realise they have come to the wrong place.
        i dont know why u would say its a Jewish/Zionist or maybe its just an arror-u were trying to say that this Horseman character revealed himself to be a Zionist Jew on Ummah forums.
        and to everyone else-who wants to SINCERELY learn about Islam- please join Ummah forums.

      • Well, sir – I never claimed to cure some blind person – but one of UMMAH’s Moderator told me that he is Zionist Jew from Calgary before he banned me from the site over four years ago.

      • can u remember the name of this person?

  27. Hi,

    My name is Nupur Jaisinghani and I am a journalism student. I have to use the example of a citizen blog for one of my essays in my ‘Core issues in Journalism and Communication Studies’ module.

    I found your blog the most relevant to my chosen news item which is Turkey’s stance on Syria. As part of the essay, I am expected to provide details of who wrote the blog, their ethnicity, where they are based and so on and so forth.

    I was wondering if you could perhaps provide these details about yourself at the earliest and help me out as my essay is due in 2 days.

    You can contact me via email. My email id is: cutegalnupi@hotmail.com

    Thank you!

    Sad, sad, sad! There is no more freedom of speech, no more freedom of expression, no more freedom of thought. The blogger of Ziomania.Com is now being sued by legal firms in Israel to remove an article that originated in Haaretrz and now can only be found at the Ziomania.com website. The blogger is being forced to remove the Haaretz article under threat of a lawsuit. The blogger’s explanations posted on the Ziomania blog regarding this matter make a lot of sense. There appears to be no justice for those who fight against injustice.
    Please see the links below and do what you think is right. Please retain a copy of this article that may disappear from the blogosphere.
    I am a concerned citizen and I am now doing my best to alert people to this upcoming tragedy.
    1. http://ziomania.com/
    2. http://ziomania.com/articles2012/01/haaretz-libel.htm
    3. http://ziomania.com/articles2010/05/Defense%20Ministry%20fines%20firm%20that%20sent%20elite%20training%20force%20to%20Guinea.htm
    Note: the last article is the one that is the cause of the problem.
    Note: I did post the article on my own blogger account but it was removed within a matter of hours. We know whose side Google is on, don’t we? If you have a private website, it is highly recommended that you post the article on your blog.
    You can reach the blogger of Ziomania.com at ziomania@gmail.com
    Thank you

    Adnan …

    Sad, sad, sad! There is no more freedom of speech, no more freedom of expression, no more freedom of thought. The blogger of Ziomania.Com is now being sued by legal firms in Israel to remove an article that originated in Haaretrz and now can only be found at the Ziomania.com website. The blogger is being forced to remove the Haaretz article under threat of a lawsuit. The blogger’s explanations posted on the Ziomania blog regarding this matter make a lot of sense. There appears to be no justice for those who fight against injustice.
    Please see the links below and do what you think is right. Please retain a copy of this article that may disappear from the blogosphere.
    I am a concerned citizen and I am now doing my best to alert people to this upcoming tragedy.
    1. http://ziomania.com/
    2. http://ziomania.com/articles2012/01/haaretz-libel.htm
    3. http://ziomania.com/articles2010/05/Defense%20Ministry%20fines%20firm%20that%20sent%20elite%20training%20force%20to%20Guinea.htm
    Note: the last article is the one that is the cause of the problem.
    Note: I did post the article on my own blogger account but it was removed within a matter of hours. We know whose side Google is on, don’t we? If you have a private website, it is highly recommended that you post the article on your blog.
    You can reach the blogger of Ziomania.com at ziomania@gmail.com
    Thank you

    Adnan …

    • Israeli security company Global CST aka Defensive Shield, owned by IOF Maj. Gen. Israel Ziv was also involved the NATO’s war on Qaddafi.

      Global CST has a long history of supplying arms and training to African anti-Muslim monarch and dictators. The list includes Algeria, Nigeria, Somalia, Guinea, Ethiopia, Eriteria, Georgia, Serbia, India, China, etc. etc. According to Israel daily Ha’aretz – Former Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt who spent six years in Marxist FARC captivity, was also rescued by the members of Global CST.


  30. Dear Mr. Rehmat !
    I had been following your blog for quite some time and find them very relevant and informative.
    I am some time using comments and references for my own notes and followups with references as often as possible, (Some time it locks out on social media with various remarks, forcing me to copy paste a part or more on my personal notes) I do mention your references in such cases.

    I wish and pry you all successes as popular blogger. and best in your personal and professional life.

  31. Since energy usage has become the equivalent of harlotry, murder& adultery, energy users are being threatened with the lake of fire by Adam, Eve & the Lord Jesus Christ. I am now married to Anders Behring Breivik 09/20/2011 by the Lord Jesus Christ. I already have children, grandchildren & great grandchildren. Thank you for reading……….

    Sincerely through Lord Jesus Christ, Allison Grace Karalus

    • I’m glad you found peace with Anders Behring Breivik who murdered 75 of your fellow Lord Christ followers – and even became a great grandmother within less than one year.

      I’m sorry to delete rest of your crap about your Lord Jesus Christ – because, being a Graduate of a Catholic Mission – I know those were as much lies as the mention of Christ in Jewish holy Talmud.

      Please give my Shalom to Anders Behring Breivik being treated in some mental hospital instead of being put to death for killing 75 innocent Christian to show his love for Israel.

  32. @ rehmat1, you know that the God/Gods of all other Religions are fake. Then what makes you think your God (Allah) is true?

    (I am an atheist. I do not hate the Muslims but I do not like the iedology of Islam, which is to dominate the entire world)

    • Nyeth dude. Islam doesn’t teach its followers to call the prophets or Gods of other religions “fake”. Islam do claims, however, though, to be the only UNIVERSAL FAITH – but never asked its followers to dominate the world like the ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ for a World Order dominated by Jewish elites.

      Allah doesn’t give a damn even if His entire creation refuse to acknowledge His Supreme powers – because He doesn’t need the help of His creation to run His Empire. He blesses a human of His choice to understand Him truely. He even told the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that later’s job was to convey the Divine message – but the power to convert a human into a Believer lies with Allah and only Allah.

      Personally, I have no problem with athiests, gays or lesbians. In fact, you may not know that being an atheist – you’re in good compay – Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Ben Gurion, Hitler, Abraham Lincoln, Ariel Sharon, Menahem Begin and many other mass-killers were all atheists.

      • I am an agnostic. And I do acknowledge that a human being can have a “mystical” experience which makes them experience the divine. But that is his or her’s personal experience. When they start claiming that their truth is THE TRUTH, they loose the plot. Since Islam is imbedded in the pseudo-history of Judaism (all myth copied by Jewish priests in Babylon from Sumerian, Persian and Egyptian sources), those who profess Islam are tied to Judaism like siamese twins. If you except Moses as a prophet, then you have to accept the choseness of the Judaics. And if you accept Jesus as a prophet, then you surely accept the mythical story that he will come again some time in future to be the king of the world. Judaism has spawned the most violent religious children, Christianity then Islam. The violence of Judaism is spelled out in their myths where they were supposed to have massacred whole populations of cities in Canaan. Probably not true but the fact that they have to insert such violent myths in this so called holy scriptures, means that that is the way they want their believers to behave. Christianity, even though it is supposed to be a religion of love, even for your enemies, retained the old testament to ensure that their followers can also behave as violent maniacs which is clear from history. Islam doesn’t go into the make believe that you have to love your enemy then kill them. At least it is more honest and Mohammed himself was a warlord. First again his brother Arabs who were happy with their existing mythical beliefs, then against the Persians who were also following a monotheistic religion. But alas, it wasn’t the same ONLY GOD that Mohammed had in mind. Zarasustra unfortunately for the Persians chose the wrong ONLY GOD, and had to bow to the Arabs following Mohammed’s orders or be killed or experience a hard life of economic and social discrimination (just ask the Parsis in India who had to leave Iran/Persia for a more welcoming life in India).

        Although I agree with a lot or your articles when it comes to the political angle, I definitely disagree with your blindness about Islam. Saudi-Arabia was a much a creation of British imperialism as Israel was. And both these countries have ensured that the atheist who rule the world and spawned all these religions, have control over the oil of the middle-east and through that control most countries on this planet in the form of the US dominated NATO alliance.

        As an agnostic, I am free to play with many ideas without thinking that I will end up in an everlasting hell because I blasphemed against someone else’s ideas of the unexplained. E.g. if GOD is almighty, then he or she or it can create assistant gods just as he / she / it can create human beings or amoebas. So why would polytheistic religions be wrong and blasphemous than the various monotheistic creeds who all claim that they are the only religion which have the personal rubber stamp of the ruler and creator of the Universe/s? And if GOD is almighty and know he/she/it, why would he/she/it care at all if some human beings don’t believe he/she/it exists or doesn’t follow the ideas of the latest human being who appointed him or herself as his/her/its only true prophet for Homo Sapiens on the planet called Earth in the English language?

        A further advantage of being agnostic, is that I don’t have to follow the narrow programmed thinking of the followers of atheism, which should rather be called scientism. I don’t have to believe whatever archeologist claim to be the truth and only truth based on their current excavations, tools and consensus. I can entertain that their is truth in Zacharia Zitchin’s claims about the Annunaki, an alien race that in his views came to earth to mine gold. A plausible theory as gold is used in satellites as very effective filters for solar radiation. If an alien civilization had a huge space program, then it would be important to have lots of gold. And it is plausible that they got tired of doing the hard labour in the mines and so through genetic engineering created homo sapiens from the hominoids who were roaming the earth but were not good material for being mine-workers. Maybe this is a plausible theory but if it is wrong, I don’t have to suffer a personal crisis. And I will only belief this theory to be fact if proper evidence is produced or the alien spaceships land again and aliens walk among us.

        Human beings are social animals and we will always create belief systems to either ensure harmonious cooperation or control of the many by an elite. Religions mostly fall in the latter category. Even Buddhism is controlled by a small elite, Tibetan Buddhism with the Dali Lama and his entourage a good example. The ideas of a spiritual philosopher like Ken Wilbur is an example of the first category. Good stuff to read if you have an open mind….

      • I have no intention of wasting my time on your idiotic rant except two clarifications for the readers.

        1. Islam is not rooted in Judaism as it didn’t exit in 610 CE, according to Israeli historian Shlomo Sand. Islam recognizes Torah being revealed to prophet Moses, but Holy Qur’an claims it’s corrupted after the death of Moses. Contrary to that, Pope Francis acknowledged last year that Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism – advising his 1.2 billion sheep to serve Jewish interests all over the world.

        2. Most Muslims don’t see any problem with Atheists as long as they don’t open their big mouth and start insulting religious leaders, such as, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Jesus, Moses – or founders of Hindu and Sikh religions. This is the atheists are not persecuted in 57-Muslim majority states for denying Holocaust as is the case in 15 European countries and the “only democracy in the Middle East (Israel)”.

  33. Thank you for the mention, Sir. You have a very interesting and informative website here.


  34. Pingback: Naida Avison

  35. A letter to Catherine Ashton Vice President of the European Commission::

    Dear Mrs Ashton,

    My sincere congratulations with the Nobelprize for Peace, which has
    recently been given to the European Union
    As you’ll know, receiving this Prize is not only a great honour, it also shapes
    the moral obligation and responsibility to promote peace and human rights in Europe and the rest of the world
    However, with regard to the Middle Eastern conflict, the European Union has seriously failed to maintain International Law and human rights, by not taking a firm stand against the occupying power of the Palestinian territories.
    The last sad proof of that failure:
    Recently 23 october 2012 European Parliament approved a trade deal with Israel, the Agreement on Conformity Assessment and Acceptence of Industrial Products ACAA, which will remove barriers to trade in pharmaceutical and industrial products between the EU and Israel.
    This ACCA trade is not an isolated thing, but fits in a plan, that work will be undertaken
    on about 60 different dossiers to strengthen relations between the EU and Israel 1


    It’s a bad signal for human rights to strengthen the relations with Israel, a State, that has a record in violating International Law for years.
    Israel has occupied the Palestinian terriitories since 1967, despite
    UN Security Resolution 242 1967, which summoned Israel to withdraw from the areas it
    had conquered in the june war 1967
    Despite this clear statement of International Law, Israel is still occupying country of the Palestinian areas and you know that.
    In those 45 years of occupation, Israel not only suppressed the rights on freedom of the
    Palestinians, it also committed many human rights violations and warcrimes, like the
    continuing administrative detention and torture torture of Palestinian prisoners 2and the indiscriminative military attacks on the Palestinian civilian population 3, which have been repeatedly condemned by European Union


    Another hugh human rights violations is the existence of the settlements in the
    occupied Palestinian territories, which are illegal according to International Law 4
    Despite the numerous condemnations of those settlements, among else by several
    UN Security Resolutions, Israel continues the building of the settlements on the
    West Bank and occupied Eastern Jerusalem
    You, mrs Ashton, have recently condemned that 5, which is a good signal, but not enough
    The European Union must take actual measures against Israel and that means NOT the
    strenghtening of trade relations


    Since Hamas took over power in 2007, Israel is blockading Gaza, which actually means the starvation of
    the Gazan civilian population, because Israel has closed its border crossings
    for food, medicines and other necessities of life 6
    This is not only a collective punishment, but also a warcrime
    You know of course, that International Law forbids starvation as a form
    of warfare 7, yet apart from the utter inhumanity, which has been condemned by human
    rights organisations like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the International Red
    Cross, as Mr Falk, UN Special Rapporteur 8

    That the Israeli government now and then enlightens the blockade is not enough
    It has to be lifted completely! 9


    The Lisbon Treaty states, that indivisibly of human rights and fundamental
    freedoms is one of the most important goals of the European Union
    That sounds beautiful, but means a dead letter on paper, as long as it is not
    applied in practice

    Strengthening trade ties with a State, which acts with complete disrespect for
    International Law, by occupying, stealing land which is the practice of settlements,
    committing warcrimes, starving the civilian population, building an illegal Wall 10 and torturing prisoners is the worst possible signal ever that the EU can give

    Therefore the mission of the EU must be:

    To give a clear signal to Israel,
    that it has to respect International Law, which means withdrawing from the
    occupied Palestinian territories and the Syrian Golan Heights, stop building and dismantling ALL settlements in occupied Palestinian territories, dismantling of the
    illegal Israeli wall and bringing to Justice those, who have committed human rights
    violations and warcrimes

    By Israeli refusal the EU must take actual measures against Israel, like political
    or economical sanctions
    And of course at first the ending of the ACCA and other trade deals with Israel

    EU condemnations are not enough, which the past has proved

    However, if the EU continues on the path of symbolic condemnations and
    strengthen the ties with Israel, the Nobel Prize for Peace means nothing and you can
    throw the Lisbon Treaty into the fire

    You are in the important position, to play a key part here

    Don’t forget, that if the European Union continues to support Israel by ACCA and other trades and not taking sanctions, it is co responsible for the Israeli occupation, the maintaining of the settlements and all to commit human rights violations and warcrimes

    I don’t think, the European will carry that on its conscience

    Thank you sincerely for reading this letter

    Kind greetings

    Astrid Essed
    The Netherlands

  36. Hello Rehmat! You have some very interesting articles here. I sure had amusement when I read them.
    I noticed that at the top of your page, you have a quote from the Holy Q’uran. May I suggest another quote for you? Here it is:
    “And [remember] when Moses said to his people: ‘O my people, call in remembrance the favour of God unto you, when he produced prophets among you, made you kings, and gave to you what He had not given to any other among the peoples. O my people, enter the Holy Land which God has assigned unto you, and turn not back ignominiously, for then will ye be overthrown, to your own ruin.'” [Qur’an 5:20-21]
    I hope you enjoy this quote! 🙂

    • Thanks Levin for your Zionist bigotry coming out of Daniel Pipes’ translation of Holy Qur’an. Only a vengeful and racist Jewish G-d would have promised Moses and his fellow Egyptian Serf (slave) Hebrew people other people’s land (Palestine).

      However, Hebrew people are not know for morals or loyalty. A few centuries after Moses’ death – they called him an “adulterer” and misquoted him for allowing the Jews to have sex with 3 year + 1 day baby girl. Now, if you can find a similar permission in Holy Qur’an – I will be more than glad to post it on top of my blog.

      I hope you have obeyed Moses’ this command!! Shalom.


  37. I find myself completely desolated by your blog,
    Although I can see the work you have put into your article, I am just sadden by the ignorance and the hatred you have.
    Although I understand your point of view and I too don’t agree with some of Israel’s policies however, throughout your blog, you persist as describing the Israelis liars. The Israelo-Palestinian conflict is extremely complicated and both parties are responsible. You seem to have inadvertently forgotten some of the harm the Palestinians have done to Israeli citizen. Besides you seem to be under the misconception that Israel is an entirely jewish population whereas in real life, “arabs” make up for about 20% of the civilians, but again when I say arabs it is extremely controversial because Palestinians are not arabs but an “arabized” nation, but you probably know about that…
    Moreover, in what World is the quenelle a “so called antisemitic hand gesture”, my friend the quenelle is being seen by its own users as a nazi gesture, why else would they do in front of holocaust landmarks? Dieudonne is not a “smarter, stronger, and bolder” comedian he is just a pitiful old man trying to arose controversy. How can you idolise a man who has told a jewish journalist that it was a shame he hadn’t been in the gas chamber?
    Furthermore, reading your blog is like reading a hate mail to Jews. It seems that according to you the Jews are the source of all the problems in the World… France is so not a jewish led government… Please stop writing allegations about things you clearly are not well informed of.
    You are not depicting the situation correctly, you are just blinded by your hate by writing pseudo-intellectual articles, you have let your hatred of Israel become an hatred of the Jews. you’re just a pitiful anti Semite trying to hide behind a facade of antizionist.
    On that note have a good day and I sincerely hope whatever frustrations you have with the Jewish people , you will get over with

    • Allow me to help you to pull yourself out of your Jewish self-denial and self pity.
      Hatred: You may not have read your Talmud, but late Israeli historian Israel Shahak called the Jewish holy book the most “hateful religious literature in world”.
      Israelis are liar: Nicolas Sarkozy, former Jewish French president told Barack Obama that Benjamin Netayahu is a “liar”. Abraham Foxman was so offended by the remark which is allowed by Talmud when a Jew is dealing with Goyim, that he demanded an apology from Sarkozy, which, naturally, he never received.
      Israeli Vs Palestinians: If some robbers enter your house, murder your father and rape your sister and kick the rest of your family out your house – Would you blame yourself for what the robbers did to your family and property?
      Palestinians are not Arabs: That’s true. So is that more than 90% current Jews are not Semites but descendents of Khazarian Turks or North African Berbers.
      Quenelle: It has nothing to do with Jews or Nazis, according to Israeli-born Gilad Atzmon. But even it does, why you Jews are offended by it? Don’t you know that according to Zionist historian Lenni Brenner, Zionist Jews slept in the same bed with Nazis.
      Anne Frank: It’s as much Zionist myth as the “Wailing Wall” in Jerusalem. Both never existed as claimed by the Zionist leaders.
      I’m sorry to delete your “Cool Jewish site”. I don’t believe that someone who support ZioNazi crimes – can be a “cool person”.
      I response you with “Shalom”, which my friendly Jewish bloggers, Roger Tucker and Gilad Atzmon describe: “Shalom = What’s good for the Jews”.

  38. Hi Rahmat,
    I do not wish to get into a religious argument here, I am not jewish and therefore do not know much about the Talmud :).

    I have heard that a thousand times from Jewish propagandists. They’re really pathetic – being ashamed of their Jewish religion.

    Furthermore, hahahahah Nicolas Sarkozy is not Jewish.

    HaHaHaHa not only Sarkozy was born to a Jewish mother and worked for Mossad – the current French president Hollande is also Jewish and his former “live-in” woman and mother of Hollande’s four children – is also Jewish.


  39. Rehmat, come on, cool down. You have great points, but you will do a disservice to yourself to slant them so much. Btw, any thoughts on the guys who took the Malaysian jetliner? I have been waiting for your piece on that one.

  40. No piece on ISIS or ISIL, how they are building the new caliphate and how this will change the world?

  41. Are you like obsess with the jews because you seem to despise them but yet you can(t stop talking about them
    Sad Really

    • How sad indeed! When every Zionist Jew (90% of 12.7 million world Jewish population) is obsessed with Muslims – then some Muslims and Jews like Gilad Atzmon, Roger Tucker, Richard Falk and Israel Shamir need to be “obsessed” with the self-denial Jews like you.

  42. People do have to be very careful not to confuse Zionists and Jews with the practising religious Jews. For those practising Jews, from the People of God Israel, also there has to be made a difference between the extreme “right wing” fundamentalist Jews like the fundamentalist Islamic people may not taken for the general Muslim thinking, nor can the fundamentalist Christians be taken representative for Christendom and even less for Christianity.

    The Judaic People of Israel, with the non-trinitarian Christians and other real followers of Allah, like several Muslim groups, should only worship the Only One God, Allah the Great Creator of heaven and earth, the Elohim, God of Abraham (Ibrahim) whose name is Jehovah and Who revealed The Truth (Al’Imran [3]:3,4) in the Torah and the Gospel (Injil) for the guidance of man. They all should be brothers and sisters of each other, all being descendants from Adam and Eve.

    • Marcus, but people have to be confused as over 90% of the 12.7 million world Jewry do supports the Zionist entity – blindly or tactically. The people who do practice Moses Law (Torah Jews, etc.) are in minority.

      There are no “right wing” Muslims. They’re creation of the western Zionist media. Any Muslim who stand-up to western imperialism and colonialism, is labeled “radical”, “fundamentalist”, “anti-West”, “anti-Jew”, etc. The “jihadis” fighting in Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, India, Russia, etc. are all creations of CIA-Mossad-MI5-RAW to demonize Islam in order to re-occupy and exploit natural resources of Muslim lands.

      Abraham was not Jewish and his God (Allah) was not for a particular tribe or a nation. He didn’t believe in “race”. Abraham preached “monotheism”. However, both Jews a Christians don’t practice monotheism. Jews worship a piece of land (Palestine) or Holocaust while Christian worship a human-being (Jesus).

      Jesus was NOT a Jew. He was from family of Imran, an Israelite tribe. Israeli professors Shlomo Sand and Eran Elhaik have established that modern Jewish people were invented over a century ago – and Jews are NOT Semite people.


  43. Yes, God did not believe in A race. We are all made in God’s image and are all ‘children of God’ (though to Islamic people this may sound weard because most of them consider there can only be children if sex is involved.)
    The Israelites were Jews, or belonging to the people God had chosen. I was not talking about modern Jews but of the Torah people. The big problem of modern Jews is that lots of them even do not believe any-more in the Divine Creator. Lots of people who call themselves Jew and say Israel is their country are not interested in the One God of Abraham. For them Allah does not exist. But we may not exclude or forget the real believers who are also aware that the surroundings around Jerusalem belongs to them. Also Christians should know that and should be fully aware what God his promises were. When Jeshua (Jesus/Ishi) returns he shall judge all living and dead, and shall install his throne in the city of Jerusalem, giving us on this earth the Kingdom of God.

    For all people it is necessary to come to recognise the Divine Creator, the Supreme Being. Be it by Judaism, Christianity, Christendom, or by Islamic Faith, what all those believers in Allah should come to get to understand is that nobody has the right to take life from somebody else. Only God has the right to decide to whom he shall give life and to whom he shall take life when He wishes and not when people wish it.

    You say Jews and Christians do not preach “monotheism”, which gives me the impression you seem to have a limited view on Judaism and Christianity.

    I am for example a Christian believing in Only One God. It is not because I not only use the title of this god, Allah, but also use His Name, Jehovah, that I would have an other God. I also have the impression that all Christians do believe in a Three-une God and preach the trinity. Nothing is worse to think that. There are lots of Christians who preach Only One God and who do reject such a blasphemous teaching as the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.
    I would like to ask you to do a more thorough research and come to understand the difference between Christendom and Christianity and to see the many different groups in Christendom as you have also very different groups in the Islam. There is no such thing as one ‘Islam’ like the people call it. Many Islamic groups have gone far away from the real Koran teachings. In case you visit some of my websites you shall be able to find several Christian groups who reject the doctrine of the ‘Holy Roman Catholic Church’ and have nothing to do with Catholics or several Protestant denominations who do not follow the words of God nor the words of other prophets like Henoch (Idris), Noach (Nuh), Abraham (Ibrahim), Job (Ayub), Moses (Müsa) Isaac, Zeccharia, and Jeshua (Jesus/Ishi).

    If you would like to have a look in the Holy Scriptures of those Jews and Christians you would come to see they are only allowed to have One God, Allah Who created heaven and earth (Genesis 1:1)
    That One God also warned that several people have left His Word (Matthew 15:8-9; Isaiah 29:13) I also do agree that there are in Christendom people who call themselves believers but who have made themselves statues and pictures of The God and of other gods they have made for them. It is wrong of you to think all Christians have done such a thing what is clearly forbidden by God. ( (Exodus 20:4-5; 1 John 5:21)
    It is also not because there may be many Jews and Christians who use worldly days of honour for worldly things that all Jews and Christians would celebrate such heathen feasts. (2 Corinthians 6:14,17)

    In Judaism, Christendom and in Islam you may find people who have created them a class of religious teachers, whose words have become more important than the words of God or who are followed by their disciples as having all the truth in them. (Matthew 23:8)

    May I remind you Jews, Christians and Muslims should have the same religious books. Islamic people should not only read their Koran (which already includes the material from the Old Testament) (Yünus [10]:94; Al-Nahl [16]:43; Al-Anbiyã’ [21]:7)
    Jews, Christians and Muslims should live by the wisdom David (Dãwud) received from Allah and has given the world. It is seed which should have become strong and where Jews, Christians and Muslim should be part of. (1 Samuel 16:1,12,13; Psalm 89:3-4)

    In the Injil God His guiding continued, and those writings should also be taken at heart by any Muslim, so you could come to see that not all who call themselves ‘Christian’ are real Christians.

    Christians do have to do the same thing. They should read the Koran and see that many who claim to be “guardians” or “cleaners of the faith” are not following the words of the prophet Muhammad, and certainly are not following the Words of God, the prophet let his followers write down.
    those Muslims who rape children and women, torture and kill innocent people are not representative for the Islam nor for the Muslim.

    It would become a very dangerous situation when people would come to start to believe such absurdities and would take all those fundamentalist hijadim as real combatants for Allah, representatives of the real Islamic Faith. Or when Hindu, Buddhists, Muslims a.o. would really start to believe all Jews and Christians would be like those ‘lunatics’ or like those who follow false teachings.

    • When was the last time you read your hateful Talmud or racist Jewish Bible, Moshe?

      I have studied Christianity and Judaism at a Catholic Mission for four years – and I think that’s enough time to understand both those religions better than a Zionist professional bigot.

  44. Salam bhai,

    I did not believe it before, but when I read this story about the Daily Mail and Ummah.com I thought, ‘Rehmat was right’.These conflicting stories all point to one site, ummah.com
    Sorry, for doubting you before. Only when you read all and connect the dots it becomes clear the Ummah.com must be Zionist site. How many more sites like this exist?






    We need more men like you, mashallah you are astute.

    G.T. Hamid

  45. I very much appreciate what you are doing through this blog. There are so many misconceptions about Islam in today’s world, and we need to step in to remove them and explain what Islam actually is.

  46. I can’t open your last post incl.my friends on FB about the Arab writer leaving racist Israel,what’s going on? regards Joop

  47. Excellent crack-pottery, especially the bit about ISIS being a Zionist plot! Bizarre and insane in equal measure, but I have one final, extra layer of deception that you may not have considered… It’s that YOU too are ALSO a Zionist plant. Look in the mirror. I know that this may come as a shock to you, but it’s obvious if you think about it. I am hereby exposing YOU as a sneaky Jew who peddles misinformation in order to make the other side look like total nutters. Brilliant plan, by the way. These conspiracies are like an onion, the more you peel back the layers, the more they stink.

    • Sorry to disappoint you Monica Lewinsky – but I have long been awarded those titles by some famous writers whom I exposed having their brain stuck between their legs, for example, Jeremy R. Hammond, founder of ‘Foreign Policy Journal’, Rixon Stewart, founder of ‘The Truthseeker’, and moderators at ‘Ummah’, ‘Jews San Frontieres, etc.

  48. ASA

    I want to email you a book called “The Sequence of Events at the End of Times”. This book explains in light of the Quran and Hadith the situation in which the world is today and what is coming soon – atomic war.


  49. ASA


    The article is fine but it does not give the complete picture of what is happening and what will soon happen in this world.

    When you look into events from the light of the Quran and Hadith you will get a clear picture, which is not the deception that is spread in the media.

    We are at a major turning point in history and most people are unaware of what is just around the corner. Major events will start around 2016 and go on until 2024.

    Prepare yourself and your family for this trying times.

    You can download the book here:

    Salams and a big hug.

    PS: Harron Yahya is a donmeh as well as Ahmet Davatoglu and Erdogan. See the in the notes of the book. Yahya’s books are filled with deception.

  50. Dear Rehmat, salam amelaikum, hopefully you will also tell your Muslim brothers and sisters that there are also Christians who sincerely only worship One True God, Allah, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Israel, Jesus and his apostles.

    True Muslims, Christians and Jews should share the love of God with the world and show the path to That Only One True God.

    Peace be with you and your followers

  51. Will shias have equal rights in an “ISLAMIC” state?

    • If you’re a Shia, Jew, Christian or Hindu – I assure you, you don’t have to fear for your rights in an true Islamic State, which doesn’t exist in modern day.

      Pakistan’s founder, Quad-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a Shi’ite. Pakistan’s former prime ministers Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, his daughter Benazir Bhutto and president Zardari were all Shi’ites.

  52. I found in your blog the answer on the reason for the war in Syria.
    It’s not about changing the president, despite what they say.
    As they said also on the presidents of Iraq and Libya.
    Just have to connect all the articles and links on the subject of water in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Sudan.

    In addition, must hear and understand what Israel says, and what it does not say. And how it affects on the whole world.
    Israel and USA, doing everything that Syrian and other Muslims, would disappear from the Middle East.
    It in order to provide water to all the Jews, that Israel brings to Palestine.

    It is unfortunate, That, dumb terrorists (who in the end they’ll kill), do not realize that they are just a cog in a wars which Israel and the USA are doing in the Middle East.

    (in Arabic)

    (in Hebrew)

  53. Salaams,

    Hope you are doing well.

    We have relaunched our website with new address, http://crescent.icit-digital.org/.

    Please update the link to ‘Crescent International’ in you “Links” section with our new web address.

    Thanks in advance. Jazakumullahu Khair.

    Crescent International

  54. AsSalamu Aleikum

    Hope you are well.

    Two new books that you should read that give light to all people around the world as to the true nature of the events that are surrounding us, as well as what is coming to the whole of humanity.

    May Allah (SWTA) grant us all strength. Amen!

    Please download the books here:



  55. AsSalamu Aleikum
    I forgot to mention the three books that are in that link:

    1- The Sequence of Events at the End of Times by Walid Sword
    2- Muslim Banu Israel, the Mahdi (AS), and Prophet Jesus (AS) at the End of Times by Muhammad Jonelya.
    3- The Muslim Village, An Action Plan for Believers at the End of Times, by Walid Sword.

    All these books give clear insight and explanation of the worldwide events that are engulfing us. The last book – The Muslim Village – deal with what Muslims (and non Muslims) must do – InshaAllah to preserve their faith and lives.

    Hope you all find it helpful.

  56. From a Zionist Jew to a moderately educated Muslim:

    1. There were 850,000 Jewish people expelled from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria in 1948. Why do you consider the Jews being European when in Israel roughly half the Jews were in fact from Muslim countries in the Middle East?

    2. Genetic tests prove a strong connection between the Jews of today and the Jews that used to live in Israel 2500 years ago. The Koran talks about Israel being the land of the Jews – why do you defy the Koran?

    3. Regarding the Mishna and Talmud – are you fluent in Hebrew and Aramaic or do you just get your sources from ‘reliable’ Jew hating websites?

    I can go on forever on your holy prophet that had Ka’ab a Jew as a best friend that wrote his biography (since Muhammad couldn’t read or write), or about where Islam is today (how shameful that 1.6 billion people contribute to humanity just zero while you are using a cellphone and a laptop that were developed in Israel 😉

  57. Rehmat, what do you know about Shadi Hamid Ph.D who works at The Brookings Institution?
    Could you write a bit about him. Is he a Zionist poodle too?

    • Shadi Hamid claims his father left Egypt to escape president Col. Abdul Gemal Nasser’s ‘dictatorial rule’. Nasser was a anti-Islam Ba’athist. He banned Islamic Movement Muslim Brotherhood and assassinated its founder Imam Hassan al-Banna. Latter he hanged MB leader Sayed Qutb over mixing Islam with politics and criticizing ‘Arab Jehlia’ and the immoral West.
      Former US president Jimmy Carter claims Nasser was on CIA payroll for over a decade.

      Shadi Hamid’s boss at the Brooking Institute is Jew billionaire Haim Saban, a US-Israeli citizen. He writes for Jewish-owned Atlantic, whose senior editor Jeffrey Goldberg is former Israeli prison guard.

      Shadi Hamid’s knowledge of Islam is no better than Dr. Daniel Pipes. Islam is totally different from Judaism and Christianity. It doesn’t separate Masjid from the White House. Once one adopt Islam as an adult – he is commanded to struggle for the establishment of Divine Law by non-violence – but if that doesn’t succeed then he may have to use military resistance according to Islamic guidance.

      On June 5, 2017, Hamid ranted for Brooking Institute, entitled, “The end of Nasserism: How the 1967 war opened space for Islamism in the Arab world.”
      His bullshit is laughable. British veteran war reporter and author Alan Hart, who happened to cover 1967 war is in better position to debunk Hamid’s lies for the Zionist entity.


  58. “Verily actions are by intentions ” . You have a nice intention. May Allah give you Barakah and keep you motivated to expose the lies about Islam and Muslims. .Nice Work .Subhan Allah !

  59. Missing your great articles. Hope you are well Insha’Allah

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