Bosnian Muslim philosopher and the Jews


On June 29, 1945, Josef Stalin’s army occupying the Muslim majority Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH), executed Muslim philosopher Mustafa Busuladzic for calling fellow Muslims and Christians to take arms against the foreign occupiers. At the time of his martyrdom in Sarajevo he was only 31-year-old.

Witnesses testified that Mustafa Busuladzic was very calm prior to martyrdom and he was reading Holy Qur’an all night long.

Mustafa Busuladzic was always hated by the organized Jewry for condemning the Soviet Union and the Red Army – both controlled by communist Jews.

In August this year, Sarajevo city renamed the elementary school where Mustafa Busuladzic had studied after him.

On November 7, the Zionist regime protested the naming the school after Mustafa Busuladzic, calling him a Nazi collaborator (let’s not forget there were over 150,000 German Jews serving in Nazi Army) and accusing him calling for the mass killing of Jews in Bosnia and Croatia – just like Netanyahu accused Mufti of Palestine of advising Adolf Hitler to kill Jews two years ago.

The organized Jewry’s other problem with Busuladzic is that as editor of Osvit Muslim weekly, he published an interview with Mufti El-Huseini in which the Mufti urged Muslims to support German people against anti-Muslim USSR and Britain monarchy which support World Zionist movement in its agenda of establishing a new Western colonial empire in British-occupied Palestine.

The Mustafa Busuladzic Elementary School in Sarajevo dismissed Israeli whining – reminding the Zionist regime that it has no right to talk about morals while building new illegal Jewish settlement on lands stolen from native Muslims and Christian Palestinians.

Israelis and Western Jew leaders, as usual, were also involved in Muslim genocide in former communist-ruled Yugoslavia. Last year, Israel’s Supreme Court last month rejected a petition to reveal details of Israeli arms exports to the former Yugoslavia during the genocide in Bosnia in the 1990s. The court ruled that exposing Israeli involvement in genocide would damage the country’s foreign relations to such an extent that it would outweigh the public interest in knowing that information, and the possible prosecution of those involved (reported by Israeli online newspaper +972 on December 5, 2016).

The country’s law affirms the right of every citizen to religious education. The law calls for a representative of each of the officially registered religious communities to be responsible for teaching religious studies in all public and private pre-, primary, and secondary schools and universities. Children from minority religious groups are entitled to religious education only when there are 18 or more students from that religious group in one class. Religious communities train and select their respective religious education teachers. These individuals are employees of the schools in which they teach, but receive accreditation from the religious body governing the curriculum.

According to Jewish agency, there are 1000 Jews in 3.9 million population of Bosnia-Herzegovina – mostly live in Sarajevo.


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