Dayenu! (Enough!)

“Zionist brutality will never break the Palestinians’ will to be free.”

Remember, last year, how Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Barack Obama, and other American Senators and Congressmen fell over one another trying to be politically correct and make polical capital out of equating Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians to terrorism – in order to justify Israeli genocide of Palestinian in Gazzah and Lebanese. None of them has the moral gutts to speak the truth about the Zionazi nature of Israeli leadership – fear the rath of powerful Jewish Lobby and losing fate contributions from pro-Israel organizations and rich Zionist individuals.

Deb Reich, an American Jewish author, editor and translator, who lived in Israel for 25 years – is one of over 8,000 Jews, who has receieved the honor of being listed in Zionists’ list of Self-Hating, Israel-Threatening Jews for her appeal of solidarity with Palestinian victims of Zionist regime in International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network. In her February 17 article Choose Life!, she wrote:

After this futile, criminal, pornographic war in Gaza (Shmuel Amir rightly termed it a “hunt” rather than a war) and yet another national election in Israel ending basically in impasse, but this time with a distinctly fascist motif, we are no closer to sustainable peace in the Middle East. We need a drastic revisioning of what we are doing here.

Speaking as an Israeli Jew, I say that we (Israeli Jews and our friends abroad) ought to embrace EVERYONE who wants to live here among us, so long as they truly love the land and have some reasonable claim to it. This would not include, say, tourists from Zanzibar or Antarctica – but would naturally include the Palestinians, whose claim to the land is (or ought to be) beyond dispute and whose deep and enduring love for the land is richly evident to any observer not in a vegetative state.

I say we bring all the long-suffering, besieged, shell-shocked Gazans home to Israel now! They miss their homes. They want to come home. Let us welcome them! We can all move over a little bit and make room. Believe me, there is still plenty of room.

The Gaza disaster can become the turning point. Let the Gazan expatriates whose families came from Ashdod (Issdod) be matched with Ashdod-area families. Let the expatriates from Lod (Lydd) be matched with Lod/Lydd-area families – Jewish or Palestinian. And so forth. And let no time be lost! They have lost everything and their situation is dire. We in Israel have lost our moral compass and we want to reclaim it. Bingo!

Enough! Israelis are more afraid now than before, and more at risk, too. Time to ABANDON this insane strategy that we (any of us) can force people to love us, or anyhow accept us, by killing them!

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