Terrorism: Theirs and Ours

Our task is to recruit a barrier and once again put the fear of death into the Arabs of the area,” – Yitzhak Rabin, Israeli defense Minister (later prime minister of the Zionist entity).

Israeli interogators routinely ill-treat and torture Arab prisoners. Prisoners are hooded or blind-folded and hung by their wrists for long periods. Most are struck in the gentiles or in other way sexually abused. Most are sexually assaulted. Others are administered with electric shocks,” – Ralph Schoeman, Sunday Times, June 19, 1977.

“There is no country in the world in which use of official and sustained torture is an established and documented as is in the case of Israel,” – Amnesty International.

Shyam Chand, a former minister of Haryana state (India) and author of Saffron Fascism – in his article Terrorism Inc.: Nexus between CIA and Mossad, published in Mainstream Weekly, November 16, 2008 – stated: “How is that Zionist Americans and Israeli Jews are connected to so many things involving murders, single and plural? How is that the same Israeli security firm was incharge of all 9/11 airports as well as the London Tube and Madrid train station at the time of attack? Informed research points the finger of accusation to the same group of people. It turns out that the number of people murdered makes the Holocaust Industry victims bigger killers than victims……. Fone Fakers were invented by CIA and Mossad before 9/11 which was an inside job by both of them. The same Fone Fakers are used in India. Innocent people are arrested on the basis of calls made through these Fone Fakers…… Not only the nexus between the RSS and Mossad worth investigation, our defense co-operation with Israel needs reconsideration before the ominous shadow of Mossad falls on our defense forces.”

Subhash Gatade in August 5, 2009 article titled Bomb Blast in Nepal: Global Dimensions of Hindutva Terror, exposes Mossad using Hindu extremists within BJP to expand terrorism not only into Pakistan but Nepal – to bring both countries back into Hindu high-caste domination. He quotes Indian Lt. Col. Purohit: “We ask four things – uninterruptted supply of equipment training, secondly allow us to start our office with saffron flag in Tel Aviv, number three political asylum and number four support our cause in the United Nation that a Hindu nation is born.”

A few years ago, Jewish-owned The Washington Times reported that the US State Department for the first time listed four Jewish websites on its list of “Foreign Terrorist Organizations”.

Historically it were the Americans who introduced ‘suicide culture’ in the Muslim world. It was US Commodore Edward Preble, commanding officer of the Third Mediterranean Squadron, who sent a booby-trapped USS Intrepid into bay at Tripoli on September 4, 1804. Lt. Richard Sommers along with other Navy crew volunteered to carry-on that suicidal mission for their country and religion. The 1000-pound gunpowdwer and 150 shell packed vessel failed to do much damage to Ottoman ships – but all the American suicide-bombers were killed in the operation. However, Preble became a hero. A British Navy commander called the failed mission: “A few brave men have been sacrificed, but they could not fallen in a better cause“. Pope Pius VII commented on the suicide mission: “The American commander, with a small force and in a short space of time, has done more for the cause of Christianity than the most powerful nations of Christiandom have done for ages.”

Terrorism through suicide missions have played a key role in western history. Niccolo Caldararo in an essay on ‘Suicide Bombers’ wrote: “A study of the late 19th century and early 20th century would provide a spate of examples of suicide bombers and assassins in the heart of Europe. …..Books written in the post 9/11 tends to place suicide bombing only in the context of Eastern history and limit them to exotic rebels against modernism…..”

John Feffer is a co-director of ‘Foreign Policy in Focus’, a US think tank. In his August 6, 2009 article titled Their Martyrs and Our Heroes wrote: “We have our suicide bombers – we call them heroes. We have our culture of indoctrination – we call it basic training. We kill civilians, we call it collateral damage. We have been indoctrinated to view the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a legitimate military target and 9/11 as a heinous crime against humanity. We have been trained to see acts like the attack in Tripoli as American heroism and attack at USS Cole as rank barbarism (though carried out by Israeli agents). Explosive vest is a sign of exremism; Predator missiles, of advanced sensibility….. Remove the occupying force and the suicide missions would disappear. It is not a stretch, then, to conclude that we, the occupiers (the US, Russia, Israel), through our actions, have played a significant part in formenting the very suicide missions that we now find so alien and comprehensible in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Palestine, Lebanon, and elsewhere…..The fact is: Were we to end our occupation policies, we would go a long way toward eliminating “their” suicide bombers. But when and how will we end our own cult of martyrdom?”

Though John Feffer tried to paint the Zionist entity, Hamas and Hizb’Allah with same brush – the fact is that the great majority of suicide bombing on ‘ Israeli civilian targets’ – were Israeli false-flag operations to dehumanize Islamic resistance groups fighting Zionist fascism.

John Feffer, however, did mention the reasons behind such suicidal operations: “Suicide missions are a military technique that armies use when outmatched and that guerrilla movements use, especially in occupied countries, to achieve specific objectives. Those who volunteer for such missions, are usually placing a larger goal – liberty, national self-determination, ethnic or religious survival – above their own lives.” Are not those the very reasons Muslim grous are fighting in Palestine, Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Philippines, Bosnia, Burma, Thailands, Lebanon, Kashmir, Eatern Turkistan, and elsewhere?.”

Now let us read what Israeli scholar Rueven Paz wrote about USrael’s “Islamic terrorist organization”, Hamas, – for the most powerful Jewish think tank, Council for Foreign Relations (CFR), published January 7, 2009: “Hamas devotes 90% of its work to providing social, cultural, and educational services. It has a reputation for honesty that distinguishes it from its main political rival, Fatah.”


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