Obama’s Middle East Chutzpah

American University of Colorado Jewish professor Ira Chernus in his recent article, titled ‘What Price Peace For Israel and Palestine’ wrote that Obama administeration’s recent actions like voicing its support to the Egyptian proposal at the NPT Review Conference in New York for nuclear free Middle East – indirectly means that Washington finally has gathered the courage to speak about Israel’s secret stockpile of 240-400 nuclear bombs. Furthermore, there are rumors that Obama has warned Tel Aviv that if it doesn’t restart negotiations with PA leader Mahmoud Abbas by September – Washington, in alliance with the EU, may decide to establish an international peace conference by the end of the year for a two-state solution to Palestine problem. Now, how sincere Obama administration is in its so-called “warning to Tel Aviv” – can be judged by Obama’s recent statement: “Even if we apply all our political capital to that issue, the Israeli people through their government and the Palestinian people through the Palestinian Authority as well as other Arab states may say to themselves, we are not prepared to resolve these issues no matter how much pressure the United States brings to bear.” In plain language, Obama admitted that even after blindly supporting the Zionist-regimes’ every terrorist action against its neighboring countries and pumping over US$3 billion annual military aid plus many more billions ‘soft loans’ each year for over six decades – Washington while can bully every world nation but cannot force Israel to follow international laws!

Judging by the past record – the US and EU countries cannot be taken as ‘honest brokers’, because it were these very countries which imposed the Zionist state on an Arab land in the first place to solve Europe’s old “Jewish Solution”. What Obama administration has in mind – is to buy more time for Israel to Judeoize East Jerusalem and the West Bank; stop Iran and other Muslim nation-states in the region to pursue nuclear programs; impose a pro-USrael puppet-regime on Gazzah and rename it “Palestinian Bantu State”, which will result in the immediate recognition of Israel by the western puupets in the Arab League. Thus producing a united ‘Sunni Arab front’ against Islamic Republic and Hizb’Allah. After the Arab League has accepted Israel as a “Jewish State” – not only Palestinian Natives will lose their international right to return to their ancestral homes in Israel – plus, it will also give Zionist regime an excuse to expel its 20% of Arab population from Israel. Once all those things achieved, the US and EU or UN will have no need to push Israel to de-nuclearize or stop invading the newly born Palestinian State (less East Jerusalem of course, which could be mandated to UN if Tel Aviv ever decide to vacate it) on cooked-up flimsy excuses.

John Mearsheimer PhD (Professor at University of Chicago, born 1947), speaking at Palestine Center on April 29, 2010, said:

“Contrary to the wishes of the Obama administration and most Americans – to include many American Jews – Israel is not going to allow the Palestinians to have a viable state of their own in Gaza and the West Bank. Regrettably, the two-state solution is now a fantasy. Instead, those territories will be incorporated into a “Greater Israel,” which will be an apartheid state bearing a marked resemblance to white-ruled South Africa. Nevertheless, a Jewish apartheid state is not politically viable over the long term. In the end, it will become a democratic bi-national state, whose politics will be dominated by its Palestinian citizens. In other words, it will cease being a Jewish state, which will mean the end of the Zionist dream.

Let me explain how I reached these conclusions.

Given present circumstances there are four possible futures for Palestine.

The outcome that gets the most attention these days is the two-state solution, which was described in broad outline by President Clinton in late December 2000. It would obviously involve creating a Palestinian state living side-by-side with Israel. To be viable, that Palestine state would have to control 95 percent or more of the West Bank and all of Gaza. There would also have to be territorial swaps to compensate the Palestinians for those small pieces of West Bank territory that Israel got to keep in the final agreement. East Jerusalem would be the capital of the new Palestinian state. The Clinton Parameters envisioned certain restrictions on the new state’s military capabilities, but it would control the water beneath it, the air space above it, and its own borders – to include the Jordan River Valley.

There are three possible alternatives to a two-state solution, all of which involve creating a Greater Israel – an Israel that effectively controls the West Bank and Gaza.

In the first scenario, Greater Israel would become a democratic bi-national state in which Palestinians and Jews enjoy equal political rights. This solution has been suggested by a handful of Jews and a growing number of Palestinians. However, it would mean abandoning the original Zionist vision of a Jewish state, since the Palestinians would eventually outnumber the Jews in Greater Israel.

Second, Israel could expel most of the Palestinians from Greater Israel, thereby preserving its Jewish character through an overt act of ethnic cleansing. This is what happened in 1948 when the Zionists drove roughly 700,000 Palestinians out of the territory that became the new state of Israel, and then prevented them from returning to their homes. Following the Six Day War in 1967, Israel expelled between 100,000 and 260,000 Palestinians from the newly conquered West Bank and drove 80,000 Syrians from the Golan Heights. The scale of the expulsion, however, would have to be even greater this time, because there are about 5.5 million Palestinians living between the Jordan and the Mediterranean.

The final alternative to a two-state solution is some form of apartheid, whereby Israel increases its control over the Occupied Territories, but allows the Palestinians to exercise limited autonomy in a set of disconnected and economically crippled enclaves.

It seems clear to me that the two-state solution is the best of these alternative futures. This is not to say that it is an ideal solution, because it is not; but it is by far the best outcome for both the Israelis and the Palestinians, as well as the United States. That is why the Obama administration is intensely committed to pushing it.

Nevertheless, the Palestinians are not going to get their own state anytime soon. They are instead going to end up living in an apartheid state dominated by Israeli Jews.

The main reason that a two-state solution is no longer a serious option is that most Israelis are opposed to making the sacrifices that would be necessary to create a viable Palestinian state, and there is little reason to expect them to have an epiphany on this issue. For starters, there are now about 480,000 settlers in the Occupied Territories and a huge infrastructure of connector and bypass roads, not to mention settlements. Much of that infrastructure and large numbers of those settlers would have to be removed to create a Palestinian state. Many of those settlers however, would fiercely resist any attempt to rollback the settlement enterprise. Earlier this month, Ha’aretz reported that a Hebrew University poll found that 21 percent of the settlers believe that “all means must be employed to resist the evacuation of most West Bank settlements, including the use of arms.” In addition, the study found that 54 percent of those 480,000 settlers “do not recognize the government’s authority to evacuate settlements”; and even if there was a referendum sanctioning a withdrawal, 36 percent of the settlers said they would not accept it……….”

Martine Aliana Rothblatt PhD (born 1954), the American male-to-female Jewish transsexual and author of 2003 book “Two Stars for Peace” has an alternate solution to Israeli problem. He makes compelling argument in his book to merge Israel and the Occupied Terrorities with USA as 51st and 52nd states. I believe that could be the best solution for the pro-Israel Evangelists like Rev. John Hagee and Rev. Pat Robertson – to unite Jews at one place in order to hasten the second-coming of their Lord Christ.


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