Victoria and Israel’s Sea Piracy

Some of the readers may have heard about the tatest Israeli hoax: “Israel navy Iranian arms shipment’. The hoax with all its Zionist ‘lies-and-twists’ is really amusing. For example, two Iranian Navy vessels were let pass through Suez Canal after a thorough inspection by the Israel’s ally Egyptian naval authorities. The Iranian vessels docked at a Syrian port for a few days. Later the vessel passed through the Suez Canal once again on their return journey to Iran.

Now let’s hear Israel’s deputy naval commander Rear Admiral Rani Ben Yahuda’s story. In his view, the two ships bypassed the Sanai Peninsula, carrying Iranian arms to Syria. Those arms were to be shipped back to Northern Egypt, passed (an illegal) Israeli blockade in the Mediterranean, so they could be smuggled to Gaza Strip. To complete this ‘Agent 007’ episode, Syrian rented a German-owned (Zionist Angela Markel’s country) and French-operated (Jewish Sarkozy’s country) cargo ship Victoria with Liberian flag – which sailed from Lattakia (Syria). Before heading South to Egypt, the ship sails to Mersin (Turkey), en route to Alexanderia (Egypt). The Jewish commandos on their ‘routine petrol’ in the international waters, board the ship, inspect the cargo, seize the ship and its crew.

Now, if one believes the Israeli story – then it proves that Iranian are lousy military strategists and cannot pose a military threat to the ‘mighty and highly informed’ Israel Occupation Force (IOF). Therefore, IOF doesn’t need American Army to bomb Iran on its behalf – although in 2006, Hizbullah’s less than 2,000 fighters were able to defeat 30,000-strong Jewish army.

So why Israelis cooked-up this new hoax against Iran? Well, there is always some evil agenda behind their madness. In this case, committing an act of piracy 200 miles of its coastline into the international waters and linking arms shipment to Tehran – the Zionist thugs have tried to convince the world that they, in fact, did a favor to the world community by enforcing US-sponsored embargo against Tehran (UNSC R1747). And once the world is fooled again, as it did prior to the creation of the Jewish colony in Palestine in 1948 – Israel can set claim to the huge natural oil and gas reserves discovered under the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, which connects the coasts of Lebanon, Gaza, Cyprus in addition to the Zionist entity.

Ben Yehuda had claimed that in addition to the ‘Made in Iran’ C-740s anti-ship missiles, which Chinese invented in the first place – they found copies of instruction manuals written in Persian. Interestingly, no Jewish reporter asked the Zionist idiot, what good those Persian manual would be to Arabic-speaking Hamas?

Dr. Marsha Cohen (University of Miami), an analyst specializing in Iran-Israel-US relations – in a recent article, entitled ‘Victoria’s Secret: Israel’s high hand on the high Sea’, wrote:

“Is Iran involved in arms smuggling? It’s quite possible that it is. But like the previous interceptions of the Francop (alleged Iran’s arms shipment to Hizbullah)and the Karine A, the Victoria interception coincides with pressure on Israel to move forward in making peace with the Palestinians by creating a Palestinian state. All three interception narratives attest to Israeli determination to keep its tensions with Iran front and center on the stage of world events, regardless of what else is happening, in order to explain why peace with the Palestinians can’t and won’t happen.”

But the ho-hum quality of the interception narratives, and the yawns they are beginning to elicit, should not be allowed to distract from Israel’s increasingly radical reinterpretations of international law, which it justifies with the specter of “the Iranian threat”. That’s Victoria’s real secret.

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