Ron Paul: ‘US has to live with Iran nukes’

“The best deterrence is that the enemy does not dare to invade,” President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said during Iran’s homemade cruise missile exhibition on Agust 23, 2011.

Rep. Ron Paul who came third as the top Republican presidential contenders in the Iowa straw poll recently – is either shunned by the Zionist-controlled mainstream media or being demonized outright for his non-hawkish views on Iran. For example, a few days ago, FoxNews’ Christopher Wallace, while moderating Reblican debate, highlighted Paul’s earlier statement on US policy against Tehran’s nuclear program and illegal sanction against that country. Paul had said: “One can understand why they might want to become nuclear capable, if only to defend themselves and to be treated more respectfully.”

Wallace tried to terrorize the viewers by asking if Paul views Obama too hard on Iran. Paul was smart enough to see what the Israel-Firster Wallace had in mind. Paul told Wallace that sanctions historically have driven Americans into wars with the countries under sanctions, i.e. US joined WW II against Germany as result of American Jewish Congress’ economic boycott against Germany in 1933, Pearl Harbor was result of America’s economic warfare against Japan imposed by Zionist FD Roosevelt who disliked both German and Japenese and recently sanctions pushed the US into war with Panama and Iraq.

Wallace was not happy for failing to corner Paul, so he asked: “I just want to make sure I understand. So your policy towards Iran is, if they want to develop a nuclear weapon, that’s their right, no sanctions, no effort to stop them?” To which Paul responded that America tolerated a nuclear Russia. “We did not attack them. And they’re a much greater danger (than Iran) – they were the greatest danger to us in our whole history,” said Paul. Incidently, Soviets developed their nuclear bomb program with the help of a Jewish couple, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who passed US nuclear secret documents to Moscow. Both were later executed by electric-chiar in Sing Sing prison in 1953.

Ron Paul’s senior presidential campaign adviser, author and adviser to two past presidents, Doug Wead, wrote a column at Ziocon propaganda outlet Newsmax, entitled Ron Paul: Current Policy Encourages Iran Nukes – in which he wrote:

“We have six wars going now with numerous opportunities for more on the drawing board. We could go into Somalia and clean out al-Qaida and this time, as opposed to our $ 1 trillion war in Iraq, they are actually there. Likewise, we should have a war against North Korea, the most repressive regime in the world where weapons of mass destruction actually exist. We could invade Syria. There is a great opportunity to get rid of a terrorist enemy in President Bashar al-Assad? The natives will help us. But such posturing is ridiculous. America is broke. Our endless wars are destroying us. We have lost sight of Thomas Jefferson’s maxim, “The more you use your power the less you have.”

Did readers notice how Doug, being closer to Jewish Lobby, avoided mentioning the Zionist entity which is one of the major causes of America’s wars in the Muslim world.

Doug also exposed the hypocrisy of Paul’s Israel-First opponents, Romney, Bachmann, Perry, and the rest – none of whom ask Obama to attack Islamic Republic other than their phony rhetoric to demonize Iran in order to get more Jewish contributions to their campaigns.

Rep. Ron Paul had pointed out that Iran’s neighbors, China, Pakistan, Russia, India and Israel all have nuclear weapons. And that Israel is well able to take care of itself. Dr. Paul is also against wasting US taxpayers’ money on Israel and its enemies.

Washington-based economist who had taught at Harvard University and Georgetown University, Thomas R. Stauffer, in his 2003 study had reported that Israel had cost $3 trillion to US taxpayers by 2002.

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