Indian Election 2009

According to BBC – the ruling Congress Party Alliance has won majority (265) of seats in the 545-seat Indian Lok Sabha (Parliament) – defeating its main opponent BJP Alliance, which was able to grab only 154 seats while the Third Front won 60 seats and Independents won 66 seats.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi (an Italian born Christian) hailed the victory as proof of good governance under Congress prime minister Manmohan Singh, who has promised that he will include Rahul Gandhi (Sonia Gandhi’s son) in his new cabinet (to be groomed to take-over Nehru Dynasty in Indian politic). On the other hand, Rajnath Singh, president of pro-Israel Hindu-Fascist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and its prime ministrial candidate, anti-Muslim L.K. Advani voiced their displeasure on the choice of 200 million Indian voters for choosing a lesser Hindu communal party over BJP.

As for the expansionist agenda and Hindu racism against Hindu Dalits (untouchable caste gentleman pictured above) and the non-Hindu minorities (Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, etc.) – there is not much difference between the two main rival parties (Congress and BJP). Congress Party has long deviated from its old policy of non-alignment and anti-Zionism and have jumped into US-Israel lap since the demise of its old ally, the USSR. BJP, on the other hand, has always been more than willing to play subservient role to Jewish Lobby in the US – as evident from the fact that after 9/11 – BJP government offered Indian military bases for refueling of US planes attacking Afghanistan. Recently, BJP agents collaborated with RAW, Mossad, and CIA to carry out Mumbai Terror attacks.

“As far as communalism is concerned, Congress rule has seen many a communal riots. It has many a times played the role of onlooker when the violence has been going on. But barring some cases where it has initiated a few of them, major being the anti-Sikh ones’ of 1984, by and large it has played the role of inefficient controller of the violence. It has collaborated at times. Despite this fact the major initiator of violence has been the Sangh Parivar, of which BJP is a part. It has communalized the mind set through its Shakhas, media and schools opened in remote areas. Most of inguiry commission reports have shown that it is some organization affiliated to RSS which has played the major role in communal violence. Gujrat came as the peak of anti-Muslim violence and Kandhamal was the culmination of sustained anti-Christian violence……” – wrote Ram Puniyani in article titled Choosing The Coalition Leaders: Is It Devil And The Deep Sea Choice?

Muslims make more than 16% of total Indian population but they have only 36 MPs or six percent representation in the sitting Parliament.

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