Ron Paul: ‘Did not I warn you?’

In 2002, GOP presidential hopeful, Rep. Ron Paul, made a few predictions about the US and Americans in the future. Surprisingly, many of them have come true. Watch video below.

During the next decade, the American people will become poorer and less free while they become more dependent on the government for economic security,” said Ron Paul.

According to World Hunger Organization, 43.6 million Americans lived below poverty line in 2009.

The United States, with Tony Blair as head cheerleader, will attack Iraq without property authority and a major war, the largest since World War II, will result,” predicted Ron Paul.

George Bush and Tony Blair did attack Iraq on 2003 Purim Eve. The war and occupation cost US taxpayers’ over $1 trillion and resulted in the death of one million Iraqi civilians while 5,000 US soldiers were killed and another 100,000 injured. On December 31, 2011 – US was forced to withdraw its occupation forces from Iraq,  leaving Iran as the most power country in the region. Both Bush and Blair were found guilty  of war crimes by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal  in November 2011.

If Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz in retaliation for US sanctions boycotting Iranian oil, oil prices would skyrocket and you could count this one, too,” said Ron Paul.

Islamic Republic has threatened to close the water passageway which will result in the loss of 60% of world oil supply, mostly to Europe and Japan. And to prove its point, Iran did shutdown Strait of Hormuz for five hours  without firing a single missile.

Agitation for more class warfare will succeed in dividing us domestically,” predicted Ron Paul.

Occupy Wall Street protests have spread to almost every major American city. The 99% Americans have risen against the 1% of their fellow citizen who control their lives in almost every field. The Obama administration instead of listening to the fair demands – have treated them as ‘second class citizen’. Thousands of protesters have been arrested and a few killed. Some pro-Israel groups have blamed Muslims for the OWS protests.

Moderate Arab allies will be overthrown by Islamic fundamentalists,” predicted Ron Paul.

It has happened it Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen – but not at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists. The so-called ‘Arab Spring’ was funded and carried out by certain western powers. The US is using all means to maintain its puppet-regimes in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and UAE against the will of local people. The US is also using covert terrorist acts to bring regime changes in Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Indonesia and Pakistan.

The Karzai government will fail and the United States will be forced to leave Afghanistan,” said Ron Paul.

The US-NATO has been defeated in Afghanistan and Obama is looking for an honorable exit. Washington is planning to replace pro-Iran Karzai with anti-Shia radical Wahabbi Taliban.

One response to “Ron Paul: ‘Did not I warn you?’

  1. Ah! The benefit of hindsight. He has a very clear and insightful sense of reason and perception.

    An excellent video Rehmat. Thanks for posting it.

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