Freedom of Speech: ‘One-Way Z-Street’

If someone study the past 100-year history of Zionism – he would come to the conclusion that Zionists always have ‘double standard’ when it comes to the so-called ‘freedom of speech’. They have been in the front-line to support peoples’ right to bash the Bible, Christianity, Islam, Holy Qur’an and Prophets Jesus (as) and Muhammad (pbuh) – but if someone dares to challenge their numerous myths or criticize Judaism, Zionism, and Israel – they will hound him around the world. Howerver, they do reserve the rights to insult fellow Jews without being called “anti-Semite” or the “Jew-hater”. Yehezkel Kaufman in Selzer, ‘Zionism Reconsidered’ (quoted also in the book ‘The Land of Promise’, page 46) gave a few examples from Zionist literature by Frishman, Berdichevsky, Lenni Brenner, A.D. Gordon, Schawadron, Herzl, Chaim Kaplan, Klatzkin, and Israel Joshua Singer – calling fellow Jews, ‘parsites’, Gypsies’, ‘traitors’, ‘unclean’, ‘harlots’, ‘slaves’ etc. Interestingly, religious Jewish leaders too have their Zionist-name-calling. For example, in 1898, Rabbi Sonnenfeld wrote: “Dr. Herzl comes not from the Lord but from the side of pollution.”

In March 1919, Congressman, Julius Kahn, presented an anti-Zionist petition to president Woodrow Wilson as he was leaving for the Paris Peace Conference. The petition was signed by America’s 31 prominent secular Jews, saying: “We protest the political segregation of the Jews and the re-establishment in Palestine of a distinctively Jewish state as utterly opposed to the principles of democracy which it is the avowed purpose of the World’s Peace Conference is to establish whether the Jews be regarded as a “race” or as a “religion”, it’s contrary to democratic principles for which the World War was waged to found a nation on either or both of these bases.”

Ben Gurion University professor Dr. Neve Gordon (b. 1965) have recently found out how much academic freedom Zionist Jews inside and outside Israel can digest. Dr. Gordon’s ‘political incorrect’ opinion, published in the L.A. Times on August 20, titled Boycott Israel – turned him from a “good Jewish intellectual” into a “Self-Hating, Israel-Threatening Jew(S.H.I.T.)”.

“It’s indeed not a simple matter for me as an Israeli citizen to call on foreign governments, regional authorities, international social movements, faith-based organizations, unions and citizens to suspend co-operation with Israel. But today, as I watch my two boys playing in the yard, I am convinced that it is the only way that Israel can be saved from itself,” he wrote.

Dr. Gordon’s statement started a ‘charater assassination’ campaign by ADL, AIPAC, AJC, etc. and his stand was harshly criticized by some of the 300 Jewish leaders who, on September 10, held a Conference in Washington DC to press Obama administration for imposing crippling sanctions against Islamic regime in Tehran. Some leaders including Israel minister of religious affairs, Ya’akov Margi called on the University president professor Rivka Carmi to fire professor Neve Gordon and threatened to suspend their financial aid to the University and a call for the boycott of the University if this not carried out. Frightened by the hooligans’ threats, Rivka Carmi, responded: “I stronly believe that Neve Gordon’s call for the boycott of Israel and arguing that Israel is a “apparheid” state – he has overstep the boundaries of academic freedom.”

Alan Dershowitz, the campus thug (midwife to “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” for Israel) called him another “freedom of speech hater” like Norman Finkelstein. Dr. Gordon’s response to the ‘great defender of Zionist-regime’ wsa: “Despite Dershowitz’s claims, I never compared Israelis to Nazis, and certaily I am not a neo-Nazi or anti-Israeli. Like Dershowitz, I am an American citizen, yet unlike him, I have chosen to live in Israel and invest a large portion of my time struggling for social justice. I served in the Israeli paratroopers and was critically wounded defending the northern border….”

Dr. Gordon, believes in a ‘two-state’ solution of the Jewish occupation of Palestine. However, he is also associated with the ‘One Democratic State Group’ and Boycott from Within – which supports the claim that Israel must pay for its crimes, based on the understanding that only an unyielding position from the international community can put pressure on the Zionist entity to finally abide by the international laws.

Incidently, when Flemming Ross, a Ukrainian Jew editor of Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published isulting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammd (pbuh) a few years ago – the ZOGs, Zionist-controlled western mainstream media and Israel supported Flemming Ross’ “freedom of speech”. However, the same Zionist groups have forced the Dutch government to prosecute Arab European League (AEL) for posting a Holocaust Cartoon (see link), which questions the number “Six Million”. Earlier, the anti-Islam and racist charges against Dutch MP Geert Wilders for making movie Fitna, were dismissed after the prosecutors said that “his insults were aimed at Muhammad, not all Muslims, and were not systematic.

To protect official Zionist story of Holocaust – On July 8, 1981, Zionist entity became the first UN member state to outlaw any challenge to its interpretation of the events in Germany under the Nazi regime (though 150,000 German Jews and the Zionist terrorist group Irgun were part of Nazi regime). As of November 2006 – 12 European ZOG countries have followed Israeli lead – Spain, Romania, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Poland, France, Switzerland, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Czech Republic. The Jewish Lobby is in the process of adding the US, Canada, and Britain to that list.

“The Holocaust is an ideological club, used to hold Germany in a vice like grip. In the early nineties these organizations discovered an opportunity to shake down European governments and now they have run amok. They are pursuing blackmail and therefore, they should be indicted and tried as criminals before the courts,” – Dr. Norman Finkelstein.

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